County Line Chiropractic Supports Teachers’ Health Through Education

IMG_1595Summer may be just around the corner, but at County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, every day is teacher appreciation day. We absolutely love traveling to schools around Miami to educate teachers on chiropractic care and health.

Why we reach out to teachers

First and foremost, we have the utmost respect and appreciation for educators. Without them, none of us would be where we are today. They dedicate themselves to giving kids the priceless gift of education and we are all too happy to return the favor by teaching them about the priceless gift of health.

What we teach

  • Schools are notorious for spreading colds because of the amount of kids running the halls coughing and sneezing. Our chiropractors discuss how teachers can keep themselves as healthy as possible simply by using the power of their own immune system.
  • Teachers spend their days standing up and sitting down. Posture is crucial to maintaining long-term health. Our chiropractors address this issue by teaching easy-to-remember techniques for improving and maintaining posture.
  • Injuries can happen from something as simple as picking up a pencil off the floor. Our chiropractors will demonstrate the proper way to pick objects up.
  • Working in a school is tough when you’re in pain. Did you know that chiropractors can work with you to fix the root of the pain? Medicine covers up the symptom while we look for ways to resolve the issue that’s causing the symptom.

How to schedule a visit for your school or organization:

Our chiropractic team would be delighted to join your school or organization for a lunch and learn session. To schedule a complimentary Lunch and Learn please contact Tiffany DiPanni at Please also feel free to contact contact one of our chiropractic offices to schedule an individual visit.


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Rainy Season Is Upon Us

As the rainy season gets closer, County Line wants you to be safe. Driving in the rain is dangerous and thousands of accidents every year are attributed to wet roads. It is important to consider the following tips before taking to the road in the rain.

Here are some tips for you…

Drive defensively

This means taking it slow while driving and knowing where other cars are on the road. A slower pace allows for your car’s tires tread to have better contact and traction while driving in the rain. Driving defensively also means keeping a safe distance from the cars around you.

Check tires before driving

Be sure to monitor your tire’s air pressure and tread depth before hitting the road in the rain. You should check your tire pressure every month. Consult your car owner’s manual for the proper tire pressure as it differs in every car. Proper tread depth can make all the difference while driving in the rain, preventing skids and hydroplaning.

Recovering from a skid

Skids can happen at even the most unexpected time to the most cautious drivers, especially during rainy weather. In the event of a skid it is important not to slam or pump the brakes, but rather apply pressure while steering your car in the direction of the skid.

Recovering from hydroplaning

Hydroplaning can cause a car to slide across the surface of water on the road because the water creates a barrier between your tires and the road. Again, it is important not to slam on the brakes but rather to apply them lightly and hold the steering wheel in place.

Defog your windows

Windows have an increased chance of fogging up in the rain. They can fog up quickly so it is important to turn on your front and rear defrosters upon entering the car.

Don’t use cruise control

If you are driving in cruise control and your car begins to hydroplane, it is possible that this will cause your car to accelerate. In addition, cruise control also allows drivers to keep their foot away from the pedals, which could be dangerous while driving in rain.

Turn on headlights

Not only does this help you see, even in a light rain, but it also helps other motorists see your car. Do not put the highbeams on for that could cause light to reflect back at you from falling raindrops. Keep the lights to a normal setting or use fog lights if you have them.

Use your turn signal

The Society of Automotive Engineers research shows that drivers failing to activate the signal at all or failing to turn when the signal is activated, happens 750 billion times a year and could account for as many as 2 million accidents every year. The society estimates that the problem is more dangerous than distracted driving, which includes cell phone use and eating while driving, which account for 950,000 accidents each year. The importance of using a turn signal becomes even more important while driving in the rain.

Buckle Up-it is the Law

This tip goes for anytime, not just in the rain. With an increased chance of wrecking in the rain, a seatbelt can make all the difference.

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5 Tips for a Healthy and Safe Spring Break

Thursday, March 20 marked the first day of spring.  Many college students have already had their spring break vacation while elementary, middle and high school students in South Florida are about to start their break.

Spring is wonderful time of year. We’re so fortunate to live in South Florida where beach living is a way of life everyday.  There’s no better time to be outside and enjoying the weather than in the spring.

Whether you and your family are staying local for spring break or traveling, here are some tips to help you have a memorable and safe break.

5 tips for a healthy and safe spring break

  1. Drink plenty of water and be sure to wear sunscreen or other protective gear if you’re going to spend time outside.
  2. Don’t overdo it with activities. Enjoy the time off by giving yourself time to really relax.
  3. If you’re going to consume alcohol, don’t drive. Plan for a designated driver, taxi service, or just plan to stay put. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 31 minutes and injure someone every two minutes.
  4. Don’t overindulge on junk food.  Road trips, fairs, festivals, and vacation in general are great reasons to break your normal healthy diet.  Enjoy, but don’t overindulge. You could easily pack on pounds or wound up sick.
  5. If you’re spending time on or in the water, make sure you know how to swim. Be sure to use lifejackets and safety gear.

Don’t forget your chiropractic adjustment!

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your body healthy by allowing it to heal or perform at its best. And when it comes to vacations, chiropractors can be your best friend.  Your body will be able to handle and rebound from an increase in activity.  Be sure to come by and see us for an adjustment during your spring break! Check out more health tips from our team.

Source:, “Spring Break Health and Safety Tips

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help with the Flu

The flu season begins in November and is at its height between December and March. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 5 Americans will get the flu this year. Considered contagious, it is a viral infection of the respiratory passages, which often causes fever, severe aching and/or intestinal infection. The flu is often mistaken for symptoms of the common cold. Colds are usually due to bacterial infection that overwhelms the body, often resulting in fatigue, coughing, sneezing, mucous build-up and drainage, fever and sometimes body aches. Are you prepared for the flu season?
Chiropractic care may be your answer to a clean bill of health this season. Chiropractic can give your immune system a boost with a spinal adjustment. Chiropractic care can help raise your natural resistance to disease by removing a serious interference to your proper body function. Remember, an elevated temperature (fever) is one of your body’s defense mechanisms, helping you to destroy infection. Likewise, other symptoms of colds and flu are the body’s attempts to clear itself of bacterial and viral influences that attack the body.

According to the World Chiropractic Alliance, spinal adjustments can help your immune system function better. An adjustment by a Doctor of Chiropractic corrects what are called vertebral subluxations, which can cause interference of the nervous system. When an adjustment is performed, it releases pressure on the nerves and allows more efficient interaction between your body’s nervous system and immune system. When your immune system is healthy it is better prepared to prevent or combat the flu.

Preventing the flu is just one of the many positive side effects of regular chiropractic maintenance. Do you really need a flu shot? Or could great flu-fighting benefits accrue from taking a healthier and more natural approach to fighting the flu? Of course eating right, exercising, and having a healthy body are all-important issues in combating the flu as well. You make the choice-join the hundreds of people who come to County Line to get checked and adjusted as part of their life’s routine!

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